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Royal Blue, renovated in August 2020 with the aim of preserving the typical star vaulted ceilings of the Salento area and located in the center of Porto Cesareo, enjoys a simple but elegant and refined design. The structure boasts every comfort: air conditioning, TV, fridge and freezer, wifi connection, hairdryer, bed, bathroom and kitchen linens and free secure parking.

Porto Cesareo

Porto Cesareo has very ancient origins and was already known in pre-Roman times with the name of Portus Sasinae (from the inhabitants of Saseno, a small island in Albania). In reality the place was already inhabited in prehistoric times and subsequently in the Bronze Age by sailors of Greek origin (as demonstrated by the finds from the Strea peninsula and Scala di Furno). It was subsequently a destination for other traveling peoples: the Myceni, the Messapians, up to the Romans (as evidenced by the monolithic Roman columns still visible on the seabed).

Today Porto Cesareo is an important tourist destination in Salento and Italy thanks to its 17 uninterrupted kilometers of fine sand and crystal clear sea.

The coast is characterized by the presence of numerous promontories, islets and rocks, among which the "Isola Grande", also known as "Rabbit Island", is of particular importance. Today there is no trace of the rabbits and the island has become a naturalistic park of extraordinary biological interest thanks to the presence of 200 different plant species. The great naturalistic and consequently economic richness of Porto Cesareo is however represented by the totality of its sea, so precious that the Marine Protected Natural Area of Porto Cesareo was established for its protection (the third largest marine protected area in Italy by extension) .

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